2017 was a year of great change. In 2018 I will continue to innovate and increase the number of gong baths and Gong practitioner workshops and bring more creativity and detail to my work. It is my mission to help you to learn to play the gong quickly and easily. We are curently going through a period of transition and change as is most of the planet. Staying above the madness and chaos is the Gong and its forever stable vibrations and tones. Aligning yourself with the Gong will bring a greater understanding to the human condition.




Level 1 is a course designed to take the absolute beginner and newbie to a place of competence and skill.  This course is primarily created for those wishing to work in a ritual healing environment such as a yoga class or shamanic sound healing space. You’ll learn everything you need in order to be able to hold an energetic space and channel divine sacred sound. No musical ability necessary. Syllabus includes correct mallet use, posture, breath and intention as well as much, much more.

This course is suitable for yoga teachers of all disciplines and for those who wish to pursue a career in sound healing.

New UK date: NEW DATES 2018 !  Saturday 24th Febuary or Saturday 7th April. 

Please contact me before booking and if you would like more details. If these dates are not suitable Mark also offers a 1-2-1 training.  

The Level 1 workshop holds maximum 4 participants.

Fee; £250-.

To book contact me on: Tel: 01732 823811 and on verbal confirmation of a place please use the BOOK NOW button. 

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This is the advanced training for those who have completed Level 1 and wish to further develop their skill. Level 2 will delve into advanced playing techniques and channeling Divine sound. Move your skill up a notch! Everything you need to know to be able to run your own Gong Bath events is includd. Plus advanced techniques and methods of playing.

New UK date: NEW DATES 2018! Saturday 10th March or Saturday 21st April

Please contact me before booking and if you would like more details.

These workshops will have only 4 participants.

Fee; £270-


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As more and more people recognise the power of the Gong I am being asked to give one–to-one practitioner courses. This is something I have been doing for a while, but now I have a set format and am ready to offer it to everybody. If you are under a particular time constraint or wish to work in a particular way with specific Gongs let me know. I am teaching those interested in dealing with addiction, special needs, mens groups, womens circles, wiccan and shamanic traditions as well as those wishing to use the gong in support of spoken therpay and hypnosis. If you would like to learn Gong in order to run your own Gong Baths and become a sound healer please let me know. I tailor make the courses to the individual and work closely with their inherent strengths and abilities.

£595- 1 student.

For more than one person or small groups please contact me for more information. 

Choosing a Gong for yourself.

During the workshops and practitioner courses Mark will be able to guide and assist you on making the RIGHT decision to suit your needs and personal vibration. Whether you are playing for your own pleasure, personal growth or healing or wish to assist those during Yoga or as one to one clients Mark’s experience and expertise will be on call to help you.

Gongs, Stands and Mallets.

If you wish to purchase high quality Gongs, Mallets, Hand Crafted Wooden Gong Stands, or Gong Bags please email me your requirements. We have access to a unique range of bespoke products at discount prices.