In 2021 I will continue be working on making more players and going into more detail around where we go in ‘Gong Space’. As Consciousness evolves and we become ever more aware of the myriad labyrinths of the mind and our soul path more and more of us are choosing to go with the flow and forget the agendas of our fathers and societies norms and structures. Doing what we were sent here to do is our remit. Working to help and assist our fellow human beings in getting through the condition of ‘life’ and to fully experience the joy of our divinity and cosmic identity is not so much a niche concept but now our true work. It is my mission to help you to learn to play the gong quickly and easily. We are currently going through a period of powerful transition and change as is most of the planet. Staying above the madness and the chaos is the Gong and its forever stable vibrations and tones. Aligning yourself with the Gong will bring a greater understanding to the human condition and who you really are and what you are doing here.


“My time spent with Mark and his vast collection of gongs not only gave me the time and space to listen, but to feel and to connect to my chosen gong. I have since been drawn to Mark to ask for his knowledge and insight when choosing multiple gongs and how to play them together. If you are after guidance to bond with your chosen gong/s then Mark is the teacher that can provide you with all that you need to lead you there. His collection is bountiful, his teaching is beautiful and the vibrations are blissful.”

HS, London and Ibiza

“Awesome – Mark has an amazing gift. With his insight, and expertise my development in gong healing has been transformational. Giving guidance in personalised gong choices, developing techniques and through his focus on connecting intuitively he is an outstanding teacher and spiritual guide.”

GS, Kent

“Thank you so much for today Mark. It was such a wonderful day. It’s the best course I’ve ever been on. You really are an amazing teacher, not just teaching the gong, but the way you held space for the class. You are a true Master.”

JC, Southampton



Level 1 is a course designed to take the absolute beginner and newbie to a place of competence and skill.  This course is primarily created for those wishing to work in a ritual healing environment such as a yoga class or shamanic sound healing space. You’ll learn everything you need in order to be able to hold an energetic space and channel divine sacred sound. No musical ability necessary. Syllabus includes correct mallet use, posture, breath and intention as well as much, much more.

This course is suitable for yoga teachers of all disciplines and for those who wish to pursue a career in sound healing.

New dates CANCELLED due to Corona restrictions

*Please contact me to check for availability or if you would like more details*.

The Level 1 workshop holds maximum 4 participants.

Fee; £270-. 

round gong2


This is the advanced training course for those who have completed Level 1 and wish to further develop their skill. Level 2 will delve into advanced playing techniques with different types of mallets and channelling higher levels of Divine sound. Move your skill up a notch! Working with a whole new set of tuned Gongs you’ll also get everything you need to know to be able to run your own Gong Bath events. The emphasis as ever is based around creating transforming sacred sound and bringing advanced methods of healing to those bathing in your vibrations.

New Dates for 2021 CANCELLED due to Corona restrictions

*Please contact me to check for availability or if you would like more details*.

If these dates are not suitable Mark also offers a 1-2-1 Level 2 training.

These workshops will only have 4 participants maximum.

Fee; £290-

round gong2


As more and more people recognise the power of the Gong I am being asked to give one–to-one practitioner courses. This is something I have been doing for a while, but now I have a set format and am ready to offer it to everybody. If you are under a particular time constraint or wish to work in a particular way with specific Gongs let me know. I am teaching those interested in dealing with addiction, special needs, men’s groups, women’s circles, wiccan and shamanic traditions, crystal healing, massage and aromatherapy as well as those wishing to use the gong in support of spoken therapy and hypnosis. If you would like to learn Gong in order to run your own Gong Baths and become a sound healer please let me know. I tailor make the courses to the individual and work closely with their inherent strengths and abilities.

£595- 1 student.

For more than one person or small groups please contact me for more information. 

Learning to Speak Gong

A new inspired Gong practitioner’s workshop designed and brought to you by Gong Master Mark Swan – using a unique ensemble of finely tuned Gongs.

On dialling into specific frequencies we connect with very extraordinary and unique energies. This is the Aquarian legacy that we are now engaging with and utilising to our advantage as a race. Consciousness rises and expands, our physical body self-medicates and under these vibrations we evolve acoustically.

Join Mark on this one day Mentoring workshop and learn how to become fluent in the language, messages, information and insights that these Gongs can bring. Being in their vibration allows you to expand.

This deeply immersive and transpersonal day will allow you to merge with many different gongs.  You’re playing abilities and the way you connect to source through vibration will be enhanced and expanded.  You’ll also be learning yogic gong breathing techniques to deepen you’re playing as well as experiencing a myriad selection of different Mallets.

Gongs on this training; Mercury, Jupiter, both Chiron Gongs, both Sedna Gongs, both Moon Gongs and the amazing 108Hz Gong.

Fee £200- per.  Date; Suspended due to Corona restrictions.

Places limited to 4 people.

This Workshop is for those who have previously taken Level One and Two Gong Trainings with Mark.

Multiple Gong playing course NEW! New Dates 2021 to be announced.

A new day long course for students and practitioners who already have a gong and want to expand their ensemble with a 2nd or even third Gong.

How to choose that extra Gong, what is its musical and tonal characteristics and qualities? How will they sound together? What’s the energetic connection to your first Gong and what energy do they create as a healing wall of sound and vibration? Syllabus includes the many different playing techniques of multiple Gongs as well as styles, tempos and healing rhythms therein. Using Marks extensive ensemble come and safely explore these powerful dynamics.

Fee £200- per. Date; Suspended due to restrictions.

Choosing a Gong for yourself.

During the workshops and practitioner courses Mark will be able to guide and assist you on making the RIGHT decision to suit your needs and personal vibration. Whether you are playing for your own pleasure, personal growth or healing or wish to assist those during Yoga or as one to one clients Mark’s experience and expertise will be on call to help you.

Gongs, Stands and Mallets.

If you wish to purchase high quality Gongs, Mallets, Hand Crafted Wooden Gong Stands, or Gong Bags please email me your requirements. We have access to a unique range of bespoke products at discount prices.