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I currently have 8 albums available. 7 are available as CD’s and/or downloads, and 1 album (Ardaas Bhayee & Earth Gong) is download only.  You can either buy the complete album or download the tracks you prefer (see below).

If you prefer to purchase a download instead of a CD please scroll down to the bottom of the page where the download links are available.



Deep Sleep with Gongs, Mantra, Bowls and Chimes

This professionally made recording is designed to bring deep healing, relaxation and recuperative sleep. The mantra you will hear repeated throughout is the Siri Gaitri Mantra more commonly known as RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG and was used extensively by Kundalini Yoga founder Yogi Bhajan. Immersing yourself into this eight part Mantra and the tuned Gongs of Sun, Moon, and Earth will stimulate the central channel of the spine and connect you to your Kundalini energy flow. Deep healing will occur on many levels as you go inwards and downwards into your own psychic interior. Best to play whilst prone and relaxed in a quiet dark space. This recording can also be used in a Yoga class as a healing meditation. Sitting in easy pose with the hands at the chest in prayer pose, inhale to a count of 6, exhale for a count of 6. The neck should be straight and the eyes closed, the gaze drawn down towards the tip of the nose. Immerse yourself in the mantra and relax the breath during the Gong. At the end lie down and assimilate the combined tuned vibrations into your physical body. Enjoy, relax and heal.

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Gong Meditations for Addiction

CD cover

This recording utilises the unique and transforming properties of the Paiste Planet Gong range. Having played and taught healing Gong and worked with these amazing acoustic energies for many years I felt that bringing their combined force to the face of addiction and addictive behaviours would offer some support and respite to those looking to modify their own behaviour.  This is not a relaxing and gentle Gong recording but a serious attempt to bring permanent change to those in dependence. Speaking to the deepest recesses of the inner self, these finely-tuned Gongs bypass the active mind and go directly to the unconscious and subconscious realms where the root and stem of underlying problems lie. There are three specific stages to this recording. Each part deals with the different stages in healing addiction and managing dependant behaviours. Wherever you are on your recovery you can freely dip into and absorb each of the tracks when required at your leisure.

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Mars and Venus

CD cover
Throughout our lives we stare across a divide that separates us from the opposite sex. Born to one gender we strive to bridge that emotional, physical and chemical gap and to understand the differences that make up our opposite number. This tantric dance has been ongoing since the dawn of time, and it goes on inside us as well. Bringing harmony to our internal other half gives us a sense of equilibrium, peace and completion. When misaligned we become separated and at odds with ourselves. Balancing the sacred masculine with the divine feminine using the tuned Planet Gongs of Mars and Venus is an alchemical process which, if undertaken correctly, is one of the highest states of being obtainable in our lives. This recording is designed to integrate these two halves and help us understand the dynamics of our ‘other side’ and how we relate to the opposite sex.

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Aquarian Transition

CD cover
Aquarian Transition is designed as a transformative and empowering meditative journey using a specific combination of tuned Paiste Planet Gongs.  The transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian is a difficult one and we need as much help as we can get.  Using Neptune, Uranus, Earth and Chiron Gongs Mark Swan, working in conjunction with renowned Astrologer Zoe Hind, have created a doorway to the higher realms of Aquarian consciousness. Recorded on 24 track digital equipment, it was deliberately uncompressed and un-mastered to retain the organic qualities of raw Gong sound waves. As far as we are aware no one else has used pure Gong sound in this way before.

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Sacred Solar Sounds

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Sacred Solar Sounds is a deeply immersive stellar journey through the planets of our solar system. Beginning with Pluto and finishing with the Sun, the listener energetically witnesses each of the planets through the shamanic power of the Gong and samples the vibrations and eclectic tones of their ancient personalities. Eleven tracks covering each of our major planets and our own Moon, this CD was made using 24 track digital recording, uncompressed and un-mastered for a truly organic reproduction of the Planet Gongs in all their glory.

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The Chiron Gong

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The Chiron Gong, created and manufactured by the Paiste Gong Corporation of Germany, has long been considered ‘the sound healers Gong’. Its precisely tuned frequency was formulated by Hans Cousto, author of ‘The Cosmic Octave’. Today it remains one of the most powerful shamanic tools in the arsenal of sacred sound instruments and is the primary Gong for initiation and personal transformation.

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Nibiru Sedna

CD cover

Nibiru Sedna creates an opportunity for self-exploration, an inward journey and yet outwardly to a higher plane of consciousness that dwells outside the collective consciousness of our world. The two most powerful Gongs in my ensemble that are suited to this task are Nibiru and Sedna.

Nibiru, as a planetary body, is perhaps the most strange and enigmatic of all the planet Gongs. Often described as Planet X, wormwood the destroyer and sometimes confused with Elenin, it has courted controversy ever since its inception in the late 1990’s. In the Sumerian texts Nibiru was said to be the home of the Annunaki, a race of highly evolved extra-terrestrial beings who brought us astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and medicine. They return to us, on their orbit every 3600 years, to check on their handiwork having changed our evolutionary journey by splicing their own DNA with ours to create a malleable work force with which to mine Gold for their own technological needs. The word Nibiru literally means ‘planet that crosses us’, and cross us it does! The Nibiru Gong has several unique qualities and abilities. Firstly it promotes awareness and helps us to identify our emotional needs, weaknesses and longing. It helps us to achieve resolution and insight so that we can repair that which is not working and restore ourselves to balance. Secondly it brings enlightenment and acts as an initiator and resolver of our deep soul issues. Nibiru’s mission is to be a healer and transformer on many levels both hidden and apparent. Its tones and resonances are digital, pulsing and alien often feeling as though you are being drawn up into a vortex or portal. Those bathing in its sounds describe experiencing physical sensations in and around their reproductive organs as though being tweaked, tuned and improved. However this gong affects you, my intention is, as always, to gong for the higher good of your higher self.

Sedna (38m26s) Tuned to 128.10Mhz and to the tone of C

A celestial back packer, whose 93 billion mile trek around the Sun, taking 10,500 years, brings us tales of epic and unknown cosmic events, way beyond our current understanding. Discovered in 2003 by astronomers at MIT Sedna is a trans Neptunian object or, TNO, about 1000 miles across. On a par with Pluto and Eris, Sedna boomerangs around the back of the Sun and propels itself outwards into the dark depths of our universe becoming the furthest known object to travel in our solar system. Sedna was the first planet not to be named after a Greek or Roman God. I’ve never energetically connected with the Inuit myth of the Goddess Sedna preferring rather to work with its cosmic connection and the fact that it vibrates with an octave two levels below the root chakra. This means that it works on not only a very deep physical level but that it heals the issues of our past lives and shifts hard to remove karma. And it’s not only our own personal Karma, but our collective karma as a race that Sedna shakes and breaks. Sedna also gives us an insight into the cosmic collective unconsciousness, or what it is to be a part of the great infinite universe and the multi shared super mind that inhabits it. This is the cosmic connection. Sedna will tirelessly work on the pain and wounds from our buried past, the wounds that we have inherited from our parents, as they did from theirs. To be released from this emotional and congenital bondage is indeed a huge gift and ultimately it unshackles us up from the patterns of the past that have kept us blinkered and chained over generations and generations. Together these two Gongs give us the opportunity to soar above ourselves and glimpse a healthier reality that may be attained whilst here in this life. As always it is my intention to gong for the highest good of your higher self. Listen preferably lying on your back with your legs straight, arms by your sides, palms up. Listen to both tracks in succession.

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Deep Sleep Download – £15

Ardas Bhaee Mantra & Earth Gong – Full CD – 2 tracks (49m43s) – £14

The Ardaas Bhayee Mantra which is a Kundalini Bhakti mantra, a mantra of devotion, and a stunning Earth Gong recording.

In listening to the Earth Gong we connect directly to the frequency of Gaia and the life force of the planet. Perfect for alignment and integration.

Gong Meditations for Addictions – full CD (3 tracks, total 55m49s) – £14

Mars and Venus – full CD (3 tracks, total 56m40s) – £14

Aquarian Transitions – full CD (38m23s) – £14

Conversations with Chiron – full CD (72m total. 2 tracks: 30m50s & 41m10s) – £14

Nibiru Sedna – full CD (62m18s total. 2 tracks: 23m52 & 38m26s) – £14

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 1 – Pluto (6m23s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 2 – Neptune (4m29s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 3 – Uranus (6m04s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 4 – Saturn (4m47s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 5 – Jupiter (5m38s) – £2

Sounds Track 6 – Mars (6m17s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 7 – Moon (5m19s) – £2

Solar Sounds Track 8 – Earth (7m22s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 9 – Venus (4m31s) – £2

Sacred Solar Sounds Track 11 – Sun (5m27s) – £2

Sacred Solar sounds – Full CD (61m21s) – £14



oak gong stand

These handmade oak gong stands are adjustable and suitable for 24″-40″ gongs. I use mine every day and travel with it. It folds and dismantles for easy transportation. No creaks, no fiddly wing nuts, just beautiful elegant design.

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mallet selection (2)

A selection of my handmade Gong mallets. If you wish to purchase singles or pairs please email me with your requirements and what you Gong you wish to use them with.

All Mallets are constructed using unique, one off items using sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.



gong bagsgong bags

Custom made Gong bags with carrying straps and lifting handles. Quality made for all sizes Gongs, made in the EU to high specification for discerning Gong players.

Contact for more details, colours and designs.