2021 Creating stabler vibrations to create harmony and peace through diversity

In 2021 I will be working with my new, improved and updated Gong training program which will include not only more technical and scientific information that ratifies sound healing but also utilises new playing techniques that promote deeper healing and more conscious awareness and empathy between player and bather. With many more new and unique tuned Gongs at my disposal I will be playing at events and Yoga classes with the intention of bringing good Gong vibes to everyone. There will be more workshops and more innovation for both the bather and for Gongs students and players! It’s time to heal with the gong, learn to play the Gong and enjoy Gong vibrations.

Vesta Gong now added to my ensemble.

Recently I was privileged enough to receive a brand new Vesta Gong. This Gong is the first of its kind in the world and is tuned to the planetery body Vesta.

Its carries a unique tone and frequncy and works on connecting us to our sacred fire, that which keeps our soul connection to our own version of God.

For more deatils please see my webpage on Gongs under the ‘about’ tab on the homepage.

Handmade Mallets now for sale. Made in a sacred holistic fashion using Yogic manufacturing methods.

All gong types and sizes catered for.

mallet selection (2)

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Gong Mela 14

Gong CD’s now available as downloads

My Gong CD’s are available as MP4 downloads (the newer version of MP3’s). Click on the ‘shop’ tab on this site and download any of the tracks or the entire album. “I have been waiting for the quality of downloads to be of a higher grade in order to capture the depth and range of the Gong sound, MP4 promises to be the one, enjoy!”

CD’s Now on sale

I now have 8 Gong CD’s for sale. Mars & Venus, Gong meditations for Addiction,Sacred Solar Sounds, Aquarian Transition, Ardas Byaee & Earth Gong, Conversations with Chiron and Nibiru Sedna the cosmic connection and lastly the super relaxing. Deep Sleep.

I used 24 bit digital recording equipment and I left the sound as pure and as authentic as possible. The results are spectacular! For a description of the content of these recordings click on shop on this site.

I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Tate Britain

gong and mats in atriumMyself and Kundalini Yoga teacher Jagat Joti play Gong and teach members of the public Kundalini Yoga for a day. We set up at the far end of the vast marble and granite atrium of Tate Britain on London’s Thames embankment. Amazing acoustics and an enthusiastic selection of the British public made this a great event for all concerned. My heartfelt thanks to Jagat Joti and Rosie from the Tate Britain staff.

Planet Gongs

I work with precisely tuned Gongs. I have a complete set of Planet Gongs, one for each of the major Planets in our Solar System,  two Moon Gongs and three Earth Gongs. Each Planet Gong has been tuned to an exact frequency/pitch or resonance. This Planetary frequency/pitch system was formulated by Hans Cousto the Swiss scientist whose seminal work ‘The Cosmic Octave’ is the basis for Sound Healers the World over.

Why and how does each Gong sound like a Planet?

Cousto devised formula which enables us to ‘hear’ each planet energetically. My Earth Gong, for instance, is tuned to 136.10Hz. Summing up his formula it’s calculated thus; first the year is broken down into seconds. A day has 86,400 seconds, and a year has 365.24 days. Multiply the days by the seconds and this answer will be 31,556,925.9747 seconds. The reciprocal value of this number can now be calculated, using the 1/x function on a pocket calculator and the result multiplied by two 32 times. The frequency will be 136 hertz. If you are interested in the more formal version of the above workings and this amazing science I strongly suggest you read ‘The Cosmic Octave’.


How will a planet gong benefit me during my gong bath?

While having a Gong bath you will tune in on many conscious and unconscious levels. If the Planet of your birth is ‘strong’ in an astrological sense at the time of your treatment then you will greatly benefit energetically from that Planet Gong. I have been told by clients that an hour-long Gong Bath is equivalent to six years’ therapy, and usually without the tears.

Most people experience feelings and thoughts that they have never had before. Sensations akin to out of body experiences are common. A Gong bath is a magical journey for the body, mind and Soul. Rejuvenating and cleansing.