Mark Swan has been a Gong Master and Reiki and Seichem Master for over 25 years and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, teaching under his given spiritual name of Satjit Singh. Holding Gong bath events across the planet is his life’s work.

His passion for self-help and personal growth has led him to work in such countries as America, South East Asia and Egypt, as well as all over Europe and the U.K.


“My mission is to help people release the light or divine essence within themselves. This is not something we have to seek out or obtain, on the contrary, it’s something we already have within us. The transition through to the Aquarian Age may be difficult for some. The pure and sacred sound of the Gong gives us safe passage on the shamanic journey from dark to light. I’ve been working with the medium of sound as a healing and empowering tool for many years. I’m an easygoing teacher and always try to ensure my pupils are happy during lessons and leave empowered and cleansed”.

Mark Swan

Whether you are looking to add a Gong to your existing ensemble and wish to learn before you buy, or if you wish to connect on a deeper level with the King of Sacred instruments I will guide and teach you. I have a full set of tuned Planet Gongs and numerous other precisely tuned ones and a purpose built sound space to work in. I teach and work with Yoga practitioners, healers, channellers and those in education and business”.

Lessons tailored to suit all levels, particularly beginners and intermediates.

Rates; Yoga From £35- per hour.

Gong healing sessions for 1-2-1 clients are £65 per hour.

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