stonehenge“God created you as pioneers, the last of the Piscean Age. People will give you everything if you give yourself discipline. A lighthouse saves the ship from disaster. YOU are the lighthouses of the Aquarian Age.” Yogi Bhajan

Satjit, Mark’s given spiritual name bestowed on him by Yogi Bhajan, is a certified and fully insured Yoga teacher and KYTA accredited Gong Master.

I teach Yoga and play, perform and teach the Gong. Sound is the most important healing medium that there is. All matter vibrates and the harmonies of those vibrations are the forces that bind the universe”.

Having worked in the Far East, America and Europe as a healer, workshop facilitator and yoga teacher Satjit now resides in Kent South East England with his wife and family.

Kundalini Yoga was brought to the West in the late sixties by Yogi Bhajan. A secret technology thousands of years old it was originally only taught to the male members of the Indian Royal Family and the high caste Brahman priests. Yogi Bhajan chose to share it with everyone and now there are Kundalini Yoga centres all over the World.

Whilst there are many accredited 3HO centres in the UK I personally recommend www.karamkriya.co.uk for its excellence and the integrity of its teachers and teachings.

“I have worked with and mastered many healing modalities over the past 30 years; Kundalini Yoga has the power and energy to transform faster than any that I have experienced”.

Satjit teaches weekly Yoga classes in his studio at the Mardon House Healing Centre in the Heart of rural Kent, and runs Kundalini Yoga Gong Practitioner courses for students and teachers as well as domestic Gong courses.

Yoga classes for 2019: Wed evenings 8PM. £12.50 per class. This class runs for around an hour and a quarter.

See ‘events’ for schedule of Gong workshops.

Should you wish to discuss Kundalini yoga or sign up for any of my classes please contact me on appointments@gong-healing.com.