COLOUR: Blue/Turquoise 151.27Hz
CHAKRA: Throat and third eye
RULES: Virgo
CHARACTER: initiation

Chiron is the wounded Healer. It uses unconventional and non traditional methods of healing and transformation. It accesses our deepest wounds and is the Gong of initiation. When we look for meaning in turmoil and pain Chiron finds a way through, sometimes within a relationship or through one of our talents. A true maverick energy and one that constantly changes to suit.



SIZE; 28″ / 71cm
FREQUENCY; 172.86 Hz / F2
A4/a’ 440 Hz → 435.58 Hz

This updated Chiron Gong has been manufactured using new data brought back from a recent Satellite mission. Using Hans Cousto’s formula this Gong now accurately represents the energy of this minor planetary body in the outer Solar System orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Its pinpoint decisive healing vibrations highlight the major and most urgent issues in our physical and emotional bodies. The healer that was Chiron, an elderly wise invalid and learned scholar, are most evident in his now genial and holistic vibrations. Aligned to the same astrology and Chakras as the original frequency.



COLOUR: Blue/Green 136.10Hz
CHAKRA: Throat
RULES: All Signs and Earth’s Yearly Seasonal Cycle
CHARACTER: nature, nurture, Mother

The Earth Year Gong brings us into harmony with the movement of the Earth. It represents the passing of all four seasons. It provides the appropriate vibration needed to complete our destiny successfully in this World. Aligning and balancing our physical self it heals us on all levels. It is the Song of Gaia.



Colour: Red 194.71Hz
Chakra: Root
Pitch: G
Rules: All signs; single day; 23hrs 56mins
Character: Vitality, freedom, energy, the self

This gong is stimulating, energizing and makes us comfortable in our own body. It provides us with the balance to be able to complete our destiny successfully. It represents the passing of a single day on Earth. Very good for morning meditation. It can be used to dislodge suppressed emotions or energy blocks. It focuses us and concentrates the mind to be ready to face the day. Key words; Creativity, youth, birth, wisdom, vitality, freedom, nature and a reason for being.



Colour: Violet 183.6Hz
Chakra: Crown
Pitch: F#
Rules: Sagittarius/Pisces
Character: Evolution

Jupiter will open you up, check and affirm the correct journey for your soul. It is a patriarchal force and a tough fearless spiritual teacher, but with faith and grace its tone will expand your spirit with a gentle easy mastery. The symbol Tai Loi meaning ‘Happiness has arrived’ inscribed on many gongs is never more relevant than with this gong.



Colour: Blue 144.7Hz
Chakra: Brow or third eye
Pitch: D
Rules: Aries/Scorpio
Character: Passion

The Mars tones will help you to build and accomplish your earthly, spiritual and physical goals. It will help you to marshal and direct your energy. It is the Gong of decisive self mastery and courage. Low self esteem and anxiety disappear under its masculine vibrations. A truly exciting and energizing Gong.



Colour: Blue/Green 141.3Hz
Chakra: heart/throat
Pitch: C#
Rules: Gemini/Virgo
Character: The Mind

This Gong activates and sparks our mind into dynamic active thought. It promotes knowledge, understanding, communication, freedom of thinking and delivers answers and solutions. Keywords; communication, conceptual ability, analysis, intelligence, alertness, eloquence, reason.



Colour: Yellow 211,44Hz
Chakra: Root/Sacral
Pitch: G#
Rules: Pisces
Character: Creativity/Bliss

Keywords: The Mystical, dreams, art, poetry, music, spiritual devotion, psychic abilities and ESP, compassionate, sacrificial, psychic and cosmic awareness. Transcendental, inspiring, visionary, Basic Function: To dissolve out-dated patterns and attachments in order to make room for growth. Neptune points out false projections and illusions, allowing us to reclaim our lost power. Neptune helps us access the potential for intuition, inspiration, and artistic creativity. Neptune represents oneness, unity, unlimited boundaries, and the element of water.



Colour: 161.26 Yellow
Chakra: whole body/Aura
Pitch: E
Rules: Libra
Character: evolution enlightenment

Nibiru connects us to a new awareness of our own identify. It changes the remit of our emotional needs, weaknesses and longing, to achieve resolution and enlightenment so that we can repair that which is not working and restore ourselves to balance. Through powerful other world forces it transforms us right the way down to our cellular structure. Keywords; Evolution, Genetics and roots of being. Old Gods, emotional longing, initiator and resolver of deep soul issues. Healer and transformer.



Colour: Purple
Chakra: Crown
Pitch: 172,06 Hz / F 3
Rules: the complete self and all Astrological signs: All
Character: Spiritual completion and confirmation. The Great Year.

This Gong vibrates to the energy of a complete cycle of all the signs in the Zodiac, a passage of 25,920 years known as The Great Year. Tuned to F, in ancient China it was said that this tone brought wisdom, and in bathing in it’s vibrations you will come to realize a sense of completeness and serenity. A joyous sound it fosters perfection in the self and connects us to the unknown with a sense of inner peace. Bringing a message of peace and wisdom it pacifies and relaxes.



Colour: Green/Turquoise 140.25Hz
Chakra: Root/Solar Plexus
Pitch: C#
Rules: Scorpio
Character: Transformation. Growth and transcendence through conflict

Pluto goes deep down into the self and breaks down the old and entrenched into its component parts only to reassemble them on a new higher octave. Pluto rules the raising of kundalini, the major driving power of this ongoing process. This Gong represents the journey of the Phoenix and the death of the redundant.



Colour: Blue 147.9Hz
Chakra: Brow
Pitch: D
Rules: Capricorn/Aquarius
Character: Stability, patience, structure, self-discipline, protection.

Saturn helps us to establish healthy boundaries and forges us in the inner fire of discipline, so that we may gain the power and wisdom to actualize our soul’s purpose. Saturn creates and promotes perseverance and integrity. Ruling time it educates us in our relationship with the past the present and the future. Chronos is the deity, also known as Father Time.



Colour: 128.10
Chakra: Solar plexus/Heart
Pitch: C
Rules: strong affinity with Pluto and Neptune
Character: New paradigms

Sedna expands and challenges our ideas and assumptions about the very nature of the cosmos, opening us to new paradigms and non-duality, providing us with access into the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious, our super conscious, and universal intelligence’s. It can bring us awareness of pain from past lives as well as buried trauma from this lifetime to your conscious cognizance, where it can be released.



Pitch: 181.60 Hz / F2# A4/a’ 440 Hz → 431.92 Hz

This new and updated tuned Sedna Gong is the result of recently received astronomical information pertaining to the orbit and rotation of this small planetary body. The original 38” Sedna Gong still made by Paiste is tuned through Hans Cousto’s frequencies using outdated and incorrect information. This 28” Meinl made Gong uses the latest and correct empirical data. Sedna was discovered in 2003 and is the first planetary body to be named after an Inuit Goddess. It is also the furthest traveling body in our solar system and the coldest. Its orbit around our Sun takes a staggering 11,400 years. The tones in this Gong remind of where we went wrong, but our mistakes and regrets can be undone; this is the gentle removal of Karma by way of vibration and sacred sound. The awareness of this conscious and unconscious pain and trauma is highlighted by Sedna and once we recognise this pain we can release it. Karma is inherited and embedded in our DNA. We carry the sins of our Fathers right down to a cellular level. Sedna assists us in lifting this veil.



Colour: Orange/Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus/ Sacral
Pitch:A2#/Ais-113,71 Hz
Rules: Cancer
Character: Feelings, communication and sensuality.

The Sidereal Moon Gong works on our Yin, the gentle feminine element within us. It helps us to become receptive to our feelings and our sensual inner self and balance those parts. Communication through these physically heightened areas makes us empathic and approachable. The sidereal Month is 27.322 days. The time the Moon takes to travel around the Earth in relation to the background Stars.



Colour: Yellow 126.22Hz
Chakra: Solar plexus/Heart
Pitch: B
Rules: Leo
Character: Self

The Sun Gong is the heart of our Universe. It brings great energy and healing with its radiance and power. It purifies with its light and cuts through all negativity. From its tones all things are possible. Its sounds will take you safely beyond your minds limited comprehension to a place unimagined. The Sun (Leo) is our sovereign centre and the reason we are warm blooded is because our relationship to its energy throughout our evolutionary journey.



Colour: white/Gold
Chakra: All
Pitch: All
Rules: N/A
Character: Gloriously bright and commanding, cleansing and buoyant.

An all purpose workhorse. This amazingly bright and energetically supportive Gong is 32″ in diameter and has a wonderful range of light angelic tones and resonances. Used in any situation it is a good teacher for new students and carries enough scope to deliver a powerful experience. The polished finish means it is a pleasure to play.



Colour: Red/Orange
Chakra: Sacral
Pitch: G# 105.21Hz
Rules: Cancer
Character: emotional balance, enhanced intuition, sexual balance.

The full or synodic moon is the time between full moons. It is approx 29.5 days long. Using this moon gong is a time for meditation, ritual and ceremony. The Moon stimulates our autonomic response in a rhythmic and cyclic way. It connects us to the memory of Nature and is nurturing on all levels. It balances and enhances sexuality. The new Moon helps us create an opening to move forward and the full Moon helps us to bring things to fruition. Keywords; Receptivity, intuition, instinct, the feminine, inner emotions, divination, instinct, psychic abilities, security and natural cycles.



Colour: Red/orange 207.36Hz
Chakra: Root
Pitch: G#
Rules: Aquarius
Character: Change

Initiates changes wherever necessary in our life and the patterns and habits of our life. Uranian energy throws us into the unexpected and unknown, forcing us to experience the new and unusual, ever expanding our field of awareness. This Gong also promotes innovation and resourcefulness. Uranus raises our awareness to other levels of existence and higher vibrations.



Colour: Orange 221.2Hz
Chakra: Sacral
Pitch: A
Rules: Libra/Taurus
Character: Relationships

Venus helps to achieve balance, connection and a spiritual union with one self. Its tones carry the gentle grace of Art and natural beauty. It creates comfort and helps promote relationships. It’s abundance of love means it has an unconditional quality. It is the force that joins hearts and souls. Representing the divine feminine it opens the way to enlightenment for women everywhere.



Colour: dark red, purple, green.
Chakra: all chakras
Pitch: G#
Rules: the five elements
Character: Dalancing

The Wu Xing Gong balances and integrates the five elements within us. Working on the principles of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui, this 40″ Gong is imperial in it’s tones and hugely majestic in it’s healing energy. The five elements are; Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal.



Vesta: Orbital period: 3.63 years Tone: 150 Hz = D (a1 = 449.6 Hz = 440 Hz + 37.2 cent)
Colour: Blue.
Character: Devotion

Vesta is the second largest asteroid in our solar system and the fourth to be discovered. Vesta is the keeper of the hearth. She is focus and dedication. She is mental clarity and self-respect. Working with Vesta in our chart can reconnect us to the unique God/Goddess aspect that we are here to explore and express. The symbol for Vesta is an incense burner. Symbolically this represents keeping the sacred flame alive. This sacred flame is our spiritual heartbeat, a constant beacon of divine light. Vesta allows us to connect to our devotion. Vesta says, ‘listen to your truth and follow your soul’s purpose in this life.’


108 GONG

Colour: N/A
Chakra: All.
Pitch: Between G# ( 52Hz) and A (55Hz)
Rules: The connection to our divine group domain
Character: Ancient and welcoming.

The 108Hz tuned Gong works on our connection to the upper realms. A well established energetic place within the Naad this frequency invites to sit at the side of numerous saints, Angels and Gurus. The 108 Gong draws our duality into one supreme place. It levels and aligns and brings us to a place of high connection with our soul parts. 108 has many estoteric connections; The distance between the earth and sun equals 108 times the diameter of the sun. The distance between the earth and the moon equals 108 times the moon’s diameter and finally the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth. All Buddhists accept the Buddha Footprint with its 108 Auspicious Illustrations. 108 is the numerical equivalent of OM, in sync with the rhythms of time and space and represent perfect totality. The Sri Yantra symbol on the face of the Gong is a sacred geometry diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (bindu) point. The two dimensional Sri Chakra, when it is projected into three dimensions is called a Maha Meru, and links all perfect natural rhythms together in harmony and unison. Four isosceles triangles with the apices upwards, representing Shiva or the Masculine. Five isosceles triangles with the apices downward, symbolizing female embodiment Shakti. Thus the Sri Yantra also represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. Because it is composed of nine triangles, it is known as the Navayoni Chakra. In total 108 points to this symbol. There are too many 108 connections to list here but suiffice to say this is a deeply meditative and powerful Gong.




Colour: Green 124,64 Hz B# 3
Chakra: TBA.
Pitch: The gong vibrates one octave lower: 124,64 / 2 = 62,32Hz B# 2
Rules: Works with Libra, Aries, Chiron
Character: Eris removes blocks and highlights conflict so that the bather may address the sticking points in their ego and let go of entrenched ideologies and polarised views.

Eris the Goddess of conflict owns this discordant energy and will either remind the bather of their journey and relationship with hardship and pain or highlight where they are in conflict.
Warm and seductive or painful and tough. A transforming Gong that is both feminine yet deeply penetrating and severe. Very much the Ayahuasca of the planet Gongs.
Key words; resistance, unrelenting energy, opposition, entrenched, adamant, polarized, defiant, rebellious, black sheep,  inherited pain, Karmic justice, wounds, ego wound.