I work with a large emsemble of precisely tuned Planet Gongs. At present I have an entire set of them; one for each of the major planets in our Solar System and the various Moon and Earth Gongs as well as some more esoteric and eclectic planetary bodies. Each Gong has been tuned to an exact frequency/pitch or resonance. This planetary frequency was formulated, based on the original work by Johannes Keppler in the 1700’s, by Hans Cousto the Swiss scientist whose seminal work ‘The Cosmic Octave’ is the basis for sound healers the World over.

How does a Gong sound like a Planet?

Hans Cousto devised formulae which enables us to hear each planet energetically. My Earth Gong, for instance, is tuned to 136.10Hz. Summing up his calculations it is achieved thus; First an Earth year is broken down into seconds. A day has 86,400 seconds, and a year has 365.24 days. Multiply the days by the second and the answer will be 31,556,925.9747 seconds. The reciprocal value of this number can now be calculated by using the 1/x function on a pocket calculator and the result multiplied by two times 32 times. The frequency will be 136.10Hz. If you are interested in the more formal version of the above workings and this amazing science I strongly suggsest you read ‘The Cosmic Octave’.

How will a gong bath benefit me?

Whilst having a Gong sound bath your body will naturally tune in and create a resonance with the sound. Each Gong works on a different part of yourself. Energetically, emotionally, Spiritually, and physically, there is no part that will not receive the sound. During a private healing session, I will assist you to reconnect with lost and/or broken parts of yourself, to heal and reconnect with spirit and your higher self, and to cleanse and rebuild.

It’s also a wonderful way to stress bust and relax.

I always works with guidance, using my experience of 25 years of healing the body, mind, emotions and soul.

There is some physical movement involved during the treatment but the majority of the time you will be in a relaxed and comfortable position. I may also use the Tibetan singing bowls and sacred Conch horn during any given session pending on the clients needs.

A session lasts typically 1 hour and costs £65.00

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