In using the Planet Gong system I have come to rely on where we are in relation to the other nine major planets in our Solar System. The energy of particular planets on auspicious days plays a key part in choosing a gong and working with its energy. In fact some gongs are very reticent to play when they are not in favour in our Heavens.

thBut I’m not an Astrologer. It’s an area which takes years of learning and in this life I am working with Sound. When i need help I consult and work with Zoe Hind.

She is highly skilled at what she does and is more than able to tell me what’s happening in the big picture at any given time. We are currently working together and creating workshops for this year that will take Gong Healing to the next level. The Aquarian transition needs great care and diligence in navigating, specific Gongs on specific days will be one the key features in future sound healing events.

Zoe also creates personal charts and runs courses and classes.

A ‘Choose the Right Gong’ Reading.

This Reading is designed to help you to choose the right Gong in alignment with your Personal Astrological Birth Chart.

By looking into the qualities of the planets in your chart we clearly determine their energetic role in your life and therefore which of the planetary gongs would be most appropriate for you.

We can also look into your soul purpose and healing abilities to gain clarity on how you can be of the most authentic service to your clients.

Short Reading – 30 mins – £45
Gong Reading plus an introduction to your Birth Chart – 1 hour 15 mins – £70

Please contact Zoe Hind for more information: